Dr Sketchy´s Are you for real

January 23rd, 2016


A Storm trooper was there, Totoro came by, and even Starman, of course with a David Bowie soundtrack – all kinds of heroes visited the Dr Sketchy´s Are you for real event on January 19 in Bergshamra in Stockholm.



And of course, lots of sketchers. Kulturhuset Q was full of drawing enthusiasts this evening. Easy to understand, who would want to miss out on all these heroes?


Dr Sketchy´s is life drawing and burlesque performance at the same time – a cabaret life drawing session. So much fun. Don´t ever miss it, if you have a chance to go!



If you live in Stockholm, or anywhere near, keep at lookout on Facebook for Dr Sketchy´s Anti Art School, Sweden, and Kulturhuset Q, to see when you can join in the fun next time!




All drawings: various sizes, on various cheap papers, with various pens.

Imagine the end of the year

December 30th, 2015


The blog has been on vacation (or we could call it that, it sounds better than being neglected…) for a while, because I have been busy drawing every day. Time by the computer has been scarce. I was not sure that I would succeed in drawing every day for a whole year, but the calendar I wanted to fill during 2015 only has two pages left now.



If you have missed the whole deal, all the images are available at bogglemymind.tumblr.com. Some of them can also be seen in my instagram account, along with a few timelapse videos of the work in progress.


Now to think up something to draw today and tomorrow – the last two days of the year…

All images: 8,5 x 13,5 cm, UniPin ink fineliners and PITT artist brush pens in Moleskine pocket calendar.

Rodin at Nationalmuseum

October 26th, 2015


Pencil special! I went sketching with some friends today at the Rodin exhibition at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. We got a special permit to draw in pencil there, no pens allowed. So two challenges in one – pencil AND Rodin…


I tried out some Faber-Castell watersoluble pencils that I won (!) on an online giveaway a while back – super fun to use! Just a little waterbrush, the pencil and a little rag to wipe the brush, and you´re good to go!


I never looked closely at a Rodin sculpture before, but after today I am in awe over Rodin´s treatment of light and shadow. When trying to draw sculptures you notice these little things that sculptors do to make the light do it´s magic on the figures, and Rodin had such an eye for these details. Little exaggerations, little simplifications, all to make light dance.

(The portrait of Rodin himself in the top drawing was made by Camille Claudel, and the portrait of Ferdinand Boberg at the bottom image was made by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles.)

21 x 15, pencil, watersoluble pencil and waterbrush in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.


October 24th, 2015


More previously unscanned drawings. Blecktornsgränd at Södermalm in Stockholm is one of those magical environments where now and then meet. If you walk up to the end of it, you meet a fantastic view over the city. If you turn your back to the view, you move back in time to when Södermalm was the outskirts of Stockholm, with small buildings, cobbled streets and wooden fences around lush fruit gardens. Funny how you can travel so far in time by just turning your body 180°.

Scroll below for more details.


42 x 15 cm, Kizuna DecoPen fountain pen with De Atramentis black ink, and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

Norrbyskär 180°

October 10th, 2015


Posting some sketchbook pages that I have forgotten to scan! I tried the 180° approach that I learned in Singapore at our summer house in August. First time ever that I got all the houses in a row on the same page!

Scroll below to see some details!


42 x 15 cm, Kizuna fude nib fountain pen with De Atramentis black ink, and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

Last day in Singapore

September 6th, 2015


I spent my last day in Singapore in Chinatown, with Liz Steel from Australia. China town was a tricky place to sketch in, especially in the narrow market streets, where vendors opening up their shops made our view smaller and smaller, moving their merchandise out into the street, in front of where we were sitting. However, it was such a visual feast to draw there, with all the strong colours, old shop houses and people everywhere.


And then, in the evening, the moment had come to grab my luggage at the hotel, and head out to the airport to start the journey home. A full day in 31°C humid heat is not a nice preparation for a long night flight. Changi airport lived up to it´s good reputation when I found the showers in one of the lounges. :)


Tried out a new fude nib fountain pen waiting for the last leg of the trip in Frankfurt. I rarely use water soluble ink, but this is what came with the pen, and a waterbrush made it a quite nice experience to play around with.

All drawings: 21 x 15 cm, various ink pens and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

Gardens by the bay

September 6th, 2015



Scroll above for more details!

Gardens by the bay is a must-see in Singapore. It´s a huge park area in the city, and hosts everything from themed kitchen gardens, to children´s garden to huge glass domes with fantastic amounts of flowers, to the grand super trees, with a fabulous light show every evening.

I was in awe of the Cloud Forest glass dome, a seven storey built up mountain (!) full of flowers and exhibitions of natural phenomena. I was drawing flowers in there for about three hours with Hong Kong sketcher Ben Luk.

42 x 15 cm, UniPin and Copic ink fineliners and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

Downtown Singapore

August 31st, 2015



Scroll above to see more details!

I had too little time to see everything that I wanted to see in Singapore (which is a good reason to come back some day!), but I did get a little sightseeing done after the Urban sketchers symposium ended. Among other things, I headed down to the water at Marina Bay, to enjoy the views. There is something special with skyscrapers – especially when you live in a city where there are very few. I had so much fun with Downtown Singapore and the watercolours!



Another must-sketch was of course the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I saw this building in every sketchbook I flipped through during the symposium, so I figured I had to draw it too. Found a place to sit in the shade underneath the ArtScience museum, happily sketching, when suddenly heavy rain surprised me – the only rain that I experienced in Singapore. Had to run inside for lunch together with that day´s sketching company,  Mark Leibowitz and his friend Alan from New York.


And the food in Singapore! One Singaporean sketcher told me that in Singapore, there are two national sports: eating and shopping. And I can totally understand the eating part! The food I had here was fantastic. There is everything in asian food to choose from in the hawker centres, and it´s cheap, fast and really good.

I also had a lot of kopi here, the local coffee where the beans are roasted with sugar and butter to give it that special flavor. It is brewed in big metal pitchers and come in a lot of varieties. It´s usually served with milk, or evaporated milk, and sugar. And as I am not a sugar-in-the-coffee person, I had to try all kinds, and learn all the words for it (there is a whole list!), to find my favorite: kopi-C Xiu Dai. Kopi with evaporated milk, no sugar. Perfect. :)

Top sketches: 42 x 15 cm, bottom 20 x 15 cm, various ink pens and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook paper.

The ordinary

August 25th, 2015


I love drawing the ordinary things in life, the stuff that you usually consider so everyday and banal that you don´t really notice them. In Singapore, I saw these high apartment buildings everywhere, with their ever repeating patterns of balconies. Also, these little Nissan and Toyota trucks were everywhere. So, during one of the early morning sketch sessions that I did with a few other instructors I couldn´t resist this view. And while we were sitting there, drawing, a waitor from the nearby Crossings Café brought us tea out in the street. An absolutely lovely gesture, putting a gold rim to an already good morning.

15 x 15 cm, ballpoint pen on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook  paper.

180° Purvis street

August 24th, 2015



Scroll above to see some details of Purvis Street, Singapore!

During the Urban Sketchers symposium in Singapore, I had the chance to participate in one workshop from another instructor, and I chose Lapin´s “180° – all you can see”, where you work with a wide angle way of looking at the world.

I have tried wide angle drawing before, but in a more scientific way, almost in the area of technical drawing, which is not my preferred way of working. I just don´t have the patience to measure and make everything perfect! So I was curious to see Lapin´s take on this, since I know he works quite fast, and I don´t think I ever saw him holding up a pen to measure anything, which gave me hope that this could suit me fine if I could just wrap my brain around it.


We started off doing some quick sketches to understand the concept of the 180° drawing. One thing I discovered already at this stage, was that modern cars are easier to draw if you are allowed to twist them a little through a wide-angle filter. ;)

After this, we drew some small details from the street, and then we went on to do the whole view of Purvis street in one spread of a sketchbook.

I was great to see everyone else´s take on Purvis street! It´s so funny in these workshops, that even if everyone is trying to follow a concept or an idea of how to work, you are still going to see as many styles and temperaments in the sketches as there are participants in the group!


A great thing in this workshop was that we had quite a lot of time to do the final sketch. Usually, in a workshop, you are a bit short on time, and you have to see it as a learning opportunity and then keep trying out what you learned on your own, afterwards. But here, almost everyone got a complete view of the opposite side of the street at the end of the workshop. Not everyone got around to add colours (me included), but I headed back some days later to do that.


Purvis street sketch: 42 x 15 cm, ink fineliners and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

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