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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


There is a lot of snow in Stockholm right now. A lot. Some say more than it´s been in the last thirty years. The day before yesterday the underground gave up because of the cold, along with the commuter trains, which of course strikes hard on a city like Stockholm. Some people got angry, others got dressed and started walking.

I didn´t draw this from life, -16° C is below the limit for my fingers. I took a reference photo while walking to a station where they said the underground to town might work. Cold, yes, but it was an incredibly beautiful winter´s day.

17 x 11 cm, Uni pin fine line and watercolours on Fabriano Rosapina paper (sketchbook page).

Week 2-4

Sunday, February 7th, 2010


In periods of less time for drawing, I like to do these “week drawings”. This one lasted for almost three weeks , but I usually try to fill a page in one. It feels good to know I have an ongoing drawing that I can just keep working on anytime, without pressure to finish anything, and without sticking to a certain subject. And after a week or so, I try to tie the whole thing together with colour or crosshatching or something. Quite fun, and a good feeling to at least draw a little, even if I don´t have much time.

16 x 19 cm, Lamy Safari with Noodler´s Lexington grey ink and watercolours on Fabriano Rosapina paper (sketchbook page).

Life drawing session

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


The life drawing sessions I often go to started again yesterday, after a holiday hiatus. They take place in a little 1930´s cinema theater near where I live, and even though it´s not perfect to sit in a cinema chair to draw (I usually stand up), and the lighting is less than great, it´s never crowded and the atmosphere is always nice.

This is a ten minute pose that I think turned out ok. I used watersoluble pencil and a waterbrush, which worked really well to get a little bit of shading in a short time.

About 24 x 10 cm, watersoluble pencil and waterbrush on cartridge paper.

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