Portfolio update


I have updated the portfolio page with all the paintings from this summer´s exhibition at Norrbyskär´s Museum. Hope you enjoy flipping through them!

7 Responses to “Portfolio update”

  1. Yasemin says:

    Love your art! All of your works are fabulous. What a great exhibition! Congratulations!

  2. Dan Kent says:

    Phenomenal. Leaves me speechless..

  3. Sandra says:

    Amazing collection!

  4. Joan/Jesse says:

    What a treat for the eyes to see your paintings again…just wonderful. Keep up the good work and please, keep posting these feasts for us.

  5. Dana says:

    Your work is spectacular! I find myself lingering over each one, amazed at all the details.
    I am sure the exhibit was a huge success.

  6. izys says:

    I love your work ! Your textures ares wonderful. I will often come back !

  7. AnA says:

    Fantastic work, Nina! Simply wonderful
    We can’t wait to see more ;)

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