Slussen IV


Slussen again. Down at water level – actually under the Underground level – there´s a bus terminal where you go if you´re heading east, toward Nacka and further out to the archipelago. Slussen is a worn down construction, and down here all you see is concrete, but the play of light is fantastic if you have time to stop and actually look.

I´m trying to draw as much as possible right now, because in short it will be too cold for drawing outside. I shocked myself by using pencil today – lovely tool, really, I should use it more often.

17 x 10 cm, pencil on Arches Satinée 300 gsm watercolour paper.

8 Responses to “Slussen IV”

  1. Winna Jill says:

    I’m still over here loving what you’re doing with Slussen–it truly has called upon someone who
    has wondeful vision—the’play of light” reminds me of Edward Hopper–but it is all yours! Winna

  2. nancy t says:

    You find beauty in places most of us miss. Then, with your incredible talent, you share your vision of the world. Thank you! nancy

  3. Joan/Jesse says:

    This is very nice…but I love your watercolors best!

  4. Mari says:

    Im happy you drew these pictures of Slussen (didn’t know its coming down one day, I guess I thought it would stay there for ever and be the same when I get back there one day again). Like always your pictures brings me a ton of memories, and this, well, I remember going by there often by train, car or walking. underbara ritningar, tusen tack for att dela dom med oss.

  5. AnA says:

    Love this. Fantastic shade effects (though I prefer watercolor too ;-) )

  6. This is amazing Nina.

    I hope you have dried off after your soaking.

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