Fountain beauties


I´ve been having quite the adventure with fountain pens during the last few weeks. The Noodler´s Flex pen started the whole thing. I have drawn with Lamy Safaris for years, but I had never tried a flexible fountain pen before, and I have had some good fun with the Noodler´s pen.

Then for some reason I remembered my mum´s old Montblanc that she gave me when I was around 17-18 years old, and I decided to find it to see if it still worked. My dear M helped me looking for it, but instead of the Montblanc, we ended up finding some other old fountain pens in a box full of junk. They were all in horrible shape, completely unusable, but one of them was quite a beauty, an old Wahl-Eversharp. I searched the internet and found some info on it, and in the process I realized there are actually people out there who repair fountain pens. Well whaddya know!

We sent the Eversharp to Björn at Pennspecialisten ( in Malmö, the only person we could find in Sweden that does this kind of work. And lo and behold, the pen came back as good as new! The filling mechanism had stopped rattling around inside, the old rusty and broken nib was gone, and on the pen was the most beautyful vintage Eversharp flexible nib. This pen is now a soft creamy dream to draw and write with. The line variation is fantastic (check the drawings – I´ve written a few words with every pen), and it beats the Noodler´s completely in smoothness and ease of flex (now, there´s a new expression for you). Of course, there are some drawbacks to a pen like this if you like drawing the way I do: you don´t bring a somewhat rare pen from the thirties out sketching, and you don´t fill it with waterproof black fountain pen ink either.


Anyway. Eventually, we found the Montblanc. It was leaking, but otherwise ok. We decided to let Björn work some more of his magic, and sent it to him, along with two of the other oldies that we found. Again the pens came back in fantastic shape. I´m amazed at the fact that someone is able to pick these things apart and mend them! Hats off for this man´s craftmanship.

The Wahl-Eversharp pen has made quite an impact on me. While the Noodler´s pen is sturdy and fun to play around with, this old beauty lets me draw with such ease and flow – I have never drawn with anything quite like it. I started dreaming of finding something similar, but preferably new, so I don´t have to worry about destroying a treasure if I drop the pen. Pilot Namiki-Falcon turned out to be the answer, but that´s another story, well worth it´s own post.

18 x 12 cm, drawings made with Namiki-Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours, writing done with Noodler´s Flex Nib pen, Wahl-Eversharp Gold Seal, Montblanc 252, Parker VS, Swan Junior pen and Namiki-Falcon with various inks.

28 Responses to “Fountain beauties”

  1. iHanna says:

    Oh how awesome that you not only can keep the beautiful oldie pens but also keep using them. Love that, and your sketches Nina. So pretty! :-)

  2. Zoe says:

    Congratulations on the wonderful discoveries and the terrific fixes. I find there is nothing like an old fountain pen to get my juices flowing.

  3. Connie Cohn says:

    Oh, thank you! Those are gorgeous drawings, and I love your discovery of those old pens and the fabulous Bjorn. I’ve just found a friend’s old Mont Blanc I used to love as a writing tool – but it needs cleaning, and I suspect the nib’s too broad for me for sketching. I’ll have to check out that Pilot Nimiki-Falcon!

  4. Dan Kent says:

    What a beautiful post. Quite interesting to read, and I love the sketches of all of the pens.

  5. meegan says:

    great visual review – very helpful Still waiting on my ackerman pump pen – so far, that’s not a good sign.

  6. Shirley says:

    Beautiful drawings of these historic pens. Do you have any idea if the Noodler’s flex pen writes well for left-handed artists like me? I always worry about an investment without knowing that ink will flow smoothly. I hate scratchy nibs.

    • Thanks! I hate scratchy nibs too. I´m sorry to say I have no idea about the left-handedness, I am right-handed. Mine is not scratchy, though, in any direction. Don´t know if that helps to know?

  7. E*phi says:

    Wow, fantastic drawings! I really want a fountain pen now (I’ve been looking for one for quite some time but didn’t know there are flexible ones)!

  8. vivien says:

    I’d love to get a properly flexible pen – up to now I’ve always been disappointed – I’ll take a look at the Namiki

  9. Carolyn says:

    What a great way to document your pens, and beautiful drawings.

  10. OH yeah, I love my Falcon, Nina, but I’m almost afraid to take it out of the house! I know it’s not THE most expensive fountain pen out there, but it’s sure the most I’ve ever spent on one…still, oooooh, so smooth…

  11. Laure says:

    Great post, Nina! I have an old Esterbrook with a very flexible nib on it and love it. Sometimes I crave just sitting down to doodle with it. However, you have a very good point about not taking it anywhere for fear of dropping, losing etc.

    • Hehe, I do that too with the Wahl-Eversharp and the Namiki-Falcon. They are so lovely and soft to draw with, I just have to sit down and enjoy them for a minute or two sometimes. : )

  12. Har några trasiga pennor hemma så jag ska kolla upp pennspecialisten, Fixade du din Namiki Falcon med extra flex när du köpte den?

    • Hej Mattias!
      Gör det, man blir så glad när de funkar igen! :) Ja, jag beställde min Namiki Falcon (två stycken, faktiskt, när jag ändå höll på) med extra flex från De är mjuka som penslar, nästan. Väldigt flexibla.

  13. John Payne says:

    You have some beautiful pens, Nina! My mom dug up her old pens, too, and passed them along to me. Nothing of great value because her parents were of humble means, but I replaced a couple bladders and revived some. My mom is humored by this. She hated the old fountain pens and embraces the ball point pen when it was invented and never looked back. I love using the old workhorse fountain pens!

  14. Kate says:

    Hi Nina- Thank you so much for your pen and ink reviews. I finally got my hands on a Noodler Flex pen (when they finally came in stock again a few weeks ago at Goulet Pen Co.) and I really love it. I never would have heard of it without your help!
    Aloha, Kate

  15. Fran says:

    Lovely drawings, i´m also very fond of fountain pens, and heard very good reviews of the Namiki Falcon, do you know where to buy one here in Europe? i´ve only seen it in american e-shops

    • I haven´t looked online in Europe, since I wanted a nib customization on mine, that offers. Actually, they are available at a department store (NK) here in Stockholm, but not with the nib customization. They are cheaper online, though, even with the tax I had to pay buying them from the US.

  16. I have a new Noodler’s Flex pen. I have to figure out how to fill it. I am so unused to fountain pens but since you and a few others seem to love them I wanted to give them a try. Love your sketches of all the pens.

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