Lisbon Sketchcrawl


My only drawing from the Lisbon Sketchcrawl, an awesome experience with around 300 people sketching at the same time, in the same spot. I concentrated on people, sketchers have a tendency to sit still for at least a few minutes, which makes them excellent subjects to draw. : )

This event, and the whole Symposium, was covered in the news in Portugal. Check out the video links on this page (in Portuguese, mostly).

21 x 16 cm, Snowman ink pens on Lanaquarelle cold press paper.

5 Responses to “Lisbon Sketchcrawl”

  1. nancy t. says:

    I love sketches like this one that have several people in them just randomly placed. This is both interesting and well done! nancy

  2. Jen Appel says:

    Hehe – what a breed, the Urban Sketcher. They flock once a year, sitting, bobbing their heads up and down. Great group sketch. I shall bob my head from afar!

  3. Dan Kent says:

    Sketching the sketchers, eh? Sounds like what I would want to do, only there never seem to be crawls in Miami.

  4. suhita says:

    Lovely work, as always, Nina!

  5. Wonderful drawings, as usual!!

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