End of day one


Day one of the Rendez vous ended outside a bar next to the cathedral (everything else was closing), where Miguel Herranz, I, Lapin and Gérard Michel talked about sketchbooks, drawing techniques, colours, and drawing habits, with a group of young students from Colégio de Santa Doroteia in Lisbon. They are in Clermont-Ferrand with their teacher Mario Linhares (whom I met during the Lisbon symposium this summer) and his colleagues.

I was really impressed by these students – I took this photo at 00.25, and they were freezing at the end, but still asking questions, being genuinelly interested… Wow.


I managed to squeeze in a few portraits too, during the evening. I am determined that some day I will be able to draw perfect portraits, and fast, so I’d better start practicing. These took forever.

4 Responses to “End of day one”

  1. They’re wonderful–esp. the one of Miguel–nice clean simple lines to capture the likeness.

  2. I wish you a pleasant, safe and inspired journey. Do you ever come to the USA or are there other venues/wokshops in your near future anywhere that a huge fan such as I can meet/learn from you?

    Love your work,

  3. its seems to be a nice experience!!!

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