December 8


Oh boredom. This is truly an everyday thing, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a drawing of a computer look interesting…

17,5 x 12.8 cm, Snowman ink pen, Gelly gel pen and watercolours on Plano drawing paper.

12 Responses to “December 8”

  1. pepa says:

    Sorry, escribo en español. Decirle que me encanta lo que hace y cómo dibuja y pinta y acuarelea y todo todo. Pero ¿qué paso con la tecla 2″@… de su último dibujo? Me muero de curiosidad…

    Gracias y saludos.

  2. Looks very interesting in this view! But how tedious it must be to draw each key. Fantastic job!

  3. Mari says:

    And some how you manage to make that one everyday boring this look interesting, looks good!!! And I enjoyed your last two posts too, great layouts.

  4. Kym says:

    It looks great. I love all of your drawings. It looks quite interesting to me.

  5. Liz Carlson says:

    It’s fun to look at this from my MacBook Pro. Looking forward to tomorrows piece. I always admire a daily goal. I have a few daily art goals myself.

  6. No Problemo says:

    Take out camera. Make photograph of computer. Trace lines in Photoshop. Use MyPaint for color. Done!

    I know, heresy.

    • Haha, OUCH, that´s one bitter comment. But yeah, that would be one way to do it. And registering a very anonymous email addy at gmail and writing provocative comments on blogs is another interesting way to spend your spare time.

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