Preparing for Santo Domingo


Another sneak peek at what I´m preparing for my workshop in Santo Domingo this summer. Working with blunt crayons on tiny papers is tricky at first if you are used to drawing with a fine point pen – but quite liberating as you get into it. There is no way you can fiddle with little details in these, it´s hard enough to make the crayon land approximately where you want it to on the paper surface.

I used coloured papers as a base for these, and chose just a few crayons for each. I didn´t want to concentrate on colour here, more on values. (I did add few accents in the top one, though, I fell in love with those brightly coloured signs.)


In the yellow/green sketch I also left out as many lines as I could. See how those two buildings in the middle are actually part of the same green surface, without a line to separate them? You still perceive them as two buildings – the shapes of the roofs help to separate them. You don´t always need a line to describe things.

15 x 11 cm, Neocolor I crayons on coloured drawing paper.

3 Responses to “Preparing for Santo Domingo”

  1. Nina,

    I am enrolled in your first workshop on Thursday morning in Santo Domingo and as I type out this message to you I have before me on my drafting table three buildings which I am drawing and struggling to let go of feeling like I have to do every single line, so, your preview of our time together in S.D. couldn’t have come at a better time. I am actively pursuing letting go of datailing in all my work so I am excited that we are on the same page. See you in July! John Bartoldus, Naples, Florida

  2. Orling says:

    Nina, this is pretty amazing! Your preparation posts are encouraging me to do the same! thanks for the inspiration. See you in July, can’t wait.

  3. Lovely, Nina! I envy your students…

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