The relaxation of stained papers


Just a little taste from my Urban Sketchers Symposium workshop in July. I prepared some messy stained papers to bring with me when I go out sketching. It´s very relaxing to draw on paper that is already dirty and messed up. I don´t suffer from “fear of the white paper”, but I still feel more laid back drawing on an already used paper.

I used thinned acrylics to cause some action on these surfaces. I would have loved to use my usual transparent watercolours, but I find they tend to let pigments off onto the tips of ink pens when you draw on top of the paint, and this kind of ruins the pens after a while, so I chose acrylics this time. I poured some paint on the papers, made splotches, tried out some old handcut stencils, spilled out some paint and then lay down some cardboard and other stuff on top and let dry.

24 x 16 cm, acrylic paint, Snowman drawing pen and pencil on heavy drawing paper.

9 Responses to “The relaxation of stained papers”

  1. Wow! What a great idea and great image :) .
    Stay inspired!

  2. Cristina says:

    Wonderful idea… and wonderful page! I love above all the texture you made with stencils!

  3. I had a fantastic professor who taught, among other things, a ‘philosophy of design’ course at in the school of architecture. He had a similar theory that a white sheet of paper is very intimidating. The coloured pattern make for a nice effect and layer of information. I’m really looking forward to your session in July Nina!

    • Yeah, the white paper is intimidating to many people, and I know I´m not the only person who thought of messing up the paper a bit before drawing on it. I´m looking forward to meeting you too, John!

  4. Christina says:

    Vilken strålande idé!

    • Tack, Christina. Jag är ju såklart inte den första som kommit på det här, det är nog rätt vanligt, men det är ett effektivt sätt att komma ifrån den där rädslan för att “förstöra” ett vitt papper…

  5. Really striking–a planned/unplanned effect.

  6. Beautiful staining – I always end up with colour which is almost too vibrant for sketching when I prep my pages, (then they are for collage) but you are inspiring me to tone it down…!
    I admire your work, I got hooked during your December challenge last year!

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