A first look at Santo Domingo

Keeping it short here, since the mobile phone isn’t the ideal device to write on.
I went drawing with some other sketchers yesterday, both instructors and participants of the Symposium (which has not started yet, but most people have arrived by now). Santo Domingo is very hot, but we managed to find a nice spot in the shade under a tree. Some local guys were very interested in what we were doing, they were looking over our shoulders, chatting with those of us who speak Spanish (not me), and afterwards they showed the way to a nice chicken place where we had lunch.
An incredibly nice sketching start to this trip. :)

6 Responses to “A first look at Santo Domingo”

  1. Lovely loose colors, palm tree and shadow are great. Have a wonderful time!

  2. This really gives us a feel for the place. Thanks for posting it — fabulous, as always!

  3. Tim Mooney says:

    Bloody great start Nina!

  4. isa says:

    Merci de nous faire voir tes dessins dès maintenant, sans attendre de revenir en Suède !
    Ces couleurs sont superbes ! Bon séjour au soleil :) )

  5. Kaisa says:

    I too just love those colours! Wouldn’t mind taking lessons from you.

  6. Tazab says:

    Thanks for sharing right now!
    Would like to be at St Domingo too.. Hope the next Symposium won’t be so far from Europe.
    I look forward your next-always fantastics- watcolors.

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