Santo Domingo workshop

Just a short one here, to give you a peek into the workshops I have been giving in Santo Domingo (once a day during the three days of the symposium).
From left to right, here are Benjamin, John, Lynne, Shinji, Jorge, Shari, Spirou, Martine, Kay and Jason, in deep concentration, trying out shapes instead of lines, bamboo pens or maybe drawing white on black.
The parking lot we are sitting in here (since it’s got a huge tree in it giving shade to sweating sketchers) is right next to the ruin of the first hospital in the New World, Hospital Nicolás de Bari (built in 1503). Above us in the tree is a flock of green parrots, making a whole lot of noise and sometimes a stain or two on our bags. ;)

A big Thank you! to everyone who took any of my workshops, for being such fantastic participants, eagerly trying out my exercises for getting out of your comfort zones, and generously sharing your work with each other!

2 Responses to “Santo Domingo workshop”

  1. What a different experience you must be having, compared to Stockholm! I look forward to seeing any art of your own that you were able to sandwich between workshops.

  2. CathyG says:

    I bet your workshop was wonderful – would love to have been there. The location could be around here somewhere, except we are freezing instead of baking!

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