Toyota, Santo Domingo


I am back home after a fantastic experience at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). I haven´t yet had time to scan and sort all drawings and photos from there, but here is a sketch that I photographed in the parking lot where I had my workshop.

The workshop started with the participants making marks on papers with any kinds of tools (I have written a post on that before – how to loose your fear of the white paper), then giving them to someone else to draw on. I got mine from Richard, who cleverly put purple stains on the paper with a fruit that fell down from the tree above our heads (someone said it was almonds, I wouldn´t know).

The Toyota truck was looking all beat up and interesting, and just standing there in the parking lot, as if waiting to be drawn. I used a bamboo pen and india ink, then added watercolours. Fun fun fun. :)

5 Responses to “Toyota, Santo Domingo”

  1. Catherine Rogan says:

    Wonderful Nina, think it’s great it was stains from fruit of the tree you were all sitting under (like the idea of getting over fear of white paper) Looking forward to seeing your work. Welcome back!

  2. Isa says:

    Très sympa Nina, et ravie que tu te sois bien amusée à Saint Domingue.
    J’ai essayé aussi le sachet de thé et le brou de noix pour teinter la feuille avant de dessiner, ça fonctionne bien aussi. À bientôt de voir tes autres dessins :)

  3. Dan Kent says:

    This is stunning!!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful workshop, location, tools and challenge. The truck looks like its wrapped under and beaten up by the shade of almonds. Quite fantastic, as is all your work.

  5. This has such a wonderful, unique atmosphere with the fruit marks!
    A class on getting out of our comfort zone? — sounds exactly what I need.

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