Symposium participants

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Some participants of the Urban Sketchers symposium in Santo Domingo this summer. It is such a luxury to draw each other in a gang of sketchers – everybody is drawing, everybody is ok with being drawn, and everybody has full understanding if they don´t look quite like themselves in the sketches. : )

3 Responses to “Symposium participants”

  1. I don’t see anyone with a black eye in this picture (which has healed nicely btw). These are great. I can tell who they are supposed to be. Nicely done. How is the construction behind your house coming?

    • Kay! Nice to hear that you healed alright! You are my bravest participant so far, I was mighty impressed with you showing up at my workshop that day! : )
      The construction is LOUD, but at least they are done with the dynamite blasts now. : )

  2. benjamin says:

    Agreed these sketches look like each of the individuals. Lol I had too much fun with you nina. I can’t wait for our next escape. Hope all is well

    Benjamin J.

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