Mercado do Modelo, Santo Domingo


The days after  the Urban Sketchers symposium ended, there were a bunch of sketchers still lurking about in Zona Colonial, and one day we decided to head up to the Mercado do Modelo to sketch. The streets around this place are interesting, to say the least, for an urban sketcher. So full of life – people, traffic, market stands, street dogs, noise and music, and walking around there makes your hand automatically grip after a pen!

While I was drawing the sketch above, a man approached me, and explained that I should add the word “Mercado” on the roof sign. He made it very clear to me that the real name of the place is MERCADO do Modelo, “don´t forget the Mercado!”. He couldn´t see the meaning of just drawing it the way it actually was. The word Mercado had fallen off, you can see the corner of it sticking out as a little greenish blob to the left of “do”.


We drew for a couple of hours, and then headed down to Zona Colonial again for a bite to eat. We had a quick photo session on those yellow steps before we left:


4 Responses to “Mercado do Modelo, Santo Domingo”

  1. Christina says:

    Så kul det måste vara att åka världen runt och träffa andra tecknare. Jag skrattade åt beskrivningen av mannen som ville ha skylten intakt, innan delar av Mercado hade ramlat bort. Påminner mig om ‘urangerna’ i Sthlm ;-)
    Väldigt fina skisser Nina!

  2. Nina,

    I sketched at the market as well and I was melting it was so hot yet you look cool as usual. Interesting fact about that sign, I wondered at the time if the DO had some Spanish meaning. Thought of your sketching your appliances in your home last night as I lay in bed sketching my compact disc player….such fun. Hope you are well and your students are obeying your every command. John in Naples Florida

    • Thanks John,
      my students rarely obey my every command, and I choose to interpret that as a sign of their good mental health and ability to think for themselves. ; )

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