Sketching at work


Today was one of those rare moments when I got a chance to draw at work – simply because I wasn´t the one babbling in front of the class, for once. We brought a class to one of the universities of Stockholm, where university students told them about their educations and student life in general. We want to give our classes an idea of where they might be heading with their studies.

It´s just a quick sketch, done in about 15 minutes (except I added the colours afterwards, I refilled my watercolour box yesterday and left it at home to dry). Trying out a new pen here too, a Duke fountain pen with a calligraphy nib (I think it´s called a “fude” nib). It is very different from what I´m used to drawing with, but gives a very interesting line width variation. I´ll try to post an image of it when I find a spot with decent lighting for taking a photo  (harder than you´d think in Sweden in November…).

13 x 13 cm, Duke fountain pen with Platinum carbon ink and watercolour on HandBook page.

One Response to “Sketching at work”

  1. Hello Nina,
    I like your style, very relaxed but precise. This is great for 15 minutes. I like doing quick sketches but never seem to get to them unless sitting for a while waiting, like at the doctors etc. I do Zentangles though, really like them.

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