Chess the Dog


Chess is the kind of dog that you can never finish a drawing of, he is constantly moving, panting, running around, playing. A high energy little fellow.

We have been dogsitting my in-laws´ furball for a week, I managed to capture a few quick ones while he was asleep, but even then he managed to change his position every few minutes. High energy sleep, I guess.

13 x 13 cm, Duke fountain pen with Platinum Carbon ink on HandBook page.

11 Responses to “Chess the Dog”

  1. I was thinking of you on Decemebr 1st with your drawing a day marathon last December. It passed through my mind to give it a shot, but with the cold and particularly the short days, I think December is the worst month for that goal.

    Love the drawings of Chess. I have a good friend, who follows me around and sleeps under my desk. I think I have to sketch him more often.

    • Hi John,
      my little December challenge was indeed a challenge, December is always a busy month. But it was also an excuse to take a moment every day and relax by drawing. And I felt like I achieved more that month because I did those sketches – because funny enough, everything else got done too. : )

  2. vivien says:

    the inlaws are going to be delighted with these beautiful sketches

  3. CathyG says:

    Fantastic sketches, you managed to get such detail and accuracy in spite of his moving around.

  4. Brian says:

    I love these sketches! The hatching and everything is wonderful. I know dogs can be difficult to sketch – I have a pug and find myself sketching him pretty often. But he always seems to reposition himself just as I’m starting to work on the details!

  5. Melliott says:

    It’s true–my cats immediately sense that focused attention, and it seems to make them either uncomfortable or happy–either they get up and go in the other room, or they get up and change positions to lie on my drawing pad and gaze up at me–”wasn’t this what you wanted?”

  6. Joan says:

    Adorable dog…interesting name too…how did he come by it? A chess player in the family?

    • No chessplayers, Joan! When my inlaws were discussing what to call the dog, a song from the musical Chess played on the radio. They like the musical, so they picked the name from there. : )

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