We celebrated the new year near Sunne this time, a community in the landscape Värmland in western Sweden. I drove into “town” (not sure you can actually call this a town… but yeah, sort of) to sketch on New Year´s eve, but the rain started pouring down, so I had to sit in the car. I always find it awkward to draw in the car. Even if you move the seat back it is still a very confined space to flip open your sketchbook in, and spread out your favorite drawing tools. There is always something in the way, steering wheel, door handles, gear lever… Drives me nuts. Plus, I had to run the wipers every minute to even see out the windshield. But at least I got some drawing done. : )

27,5 x 14 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours, on HandBook sketchbook spread.

8 Responses to “Sunne”

  1. Justin Fox says:

    I have been following your posts for a few years, I always really like your work. I’ve noticed you always draw from life (to great effect). I wonder if you ever go straight from imagination?

    • Hi Justin,
      thanks for your comment! I do draw from imagination sometimes, but too seldom for my own good. I have been thinking about starting a sketchbook for this sole purpose to develop that side of my drawing habits a bit more.

  2. Michael says:

    Another lovely cityscape. Thanks for sharing you’re challenges when sketching (in the car). I was curious how many sketchbooks you’re working on at any one time and whether each one has a particular theme or utility. I try to finish one at a time and am currently using the large Fabriano Venezia sketchbook but I’m considering starting a couple others just to see how the paper reacts to ink and watercolour.
    Happy NewYear!

    • Thanks Michael! I try not to have too many sketchbooks going on at once, I have a tendency not to finish them if I do. I usually have two current ones, one small which is always in my bag and one slightly bigger with watercolour paper.

  3. Joel Barnes says:

    Impressive as always. Interesting what you are saying about drawing in the car. I do a lot of my drawing from the car seat! Guess I’ve gotten use to it.

    Question: That orange-ish light in the window on the right. Is that a reflection or light from inside the building? I noticed the reflections in the wet street that you have drawn in. Superb.


    • Thanks Joel,
      the orangey light is actually mostly me trying to make up for not having a great memory… There was a warm orange/yellow light in there, but I didn´t paint this in the car (too uncomfortable, plus it was getting too moist in there because of the rain and the cold) and I had some problems remembering exactly how it looked afterwards. This is as good as I could get it. : )

  4. Isa says:

    il m’est déjà arrivé une fois de dessiner dans la voiture et je confirme, ce n’est pas facile, on manque de place et en plus le vent très fort ce jour là faisait bouger la voiture …
    Donc c’est une belle prouesse que ce dessin sous la pluie ! :)

  5. Merci Isa, oui, la voiture n´est pas l´endroit optimal pour dessiner…

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