Enough with the mittens, already!


I found a set of grayscale design markers on sale the other day, you know the kind with a really broad chisel nib, and full of solvents. Seeing fellow Urban Sketcher Eduardo Bajzek´s work with these (an example here), I just had to try them.

Normally, I hate this kind of markers. They stink, they bleed through the paper (on ordinary paper, here I used marker paper, which I don´t like either…), their broad nibs are impossible to draw with, and… well, they are nothing like a fine old fountain pen. BUT! With mittens on, and cold weather, I figured they´d be ok. And they were.

As I thought in one of my earlier “mittens posts”, these markers didn´t freeze like the PITT pens. They use some kind of solvent which apparently works fine below zero. The paper went all wet instead, and buckled a lot, but I decided not to whine about that and just keep drawing. The result is a bit overworked, but ok for a first try with this type of markers, I guess.

Working with broad tip markers is a lot more like painting than drawing. I concentrated on surfaces and values instead of lines, which is a good strategy when wearing big mittens, since it´s hard to control the lines when you can´t use your fingers. I added lines for the tile pattern at the end, since I think they are so much a part of that tunnel.

A4 size, Touch markers on marker paper.

8 Responses to “Enough with the mittens, already!”

  1. Cheryl Carr says:

    Nina–this is fabulous. I thought it was a black and white photo at first. Very nice!

  2. Dan Kent says:

    Very nice – I cannot in my wildest dream imagine attempting to draw in below zero weather.

  3. isa says:

    ou l’art de trouver des solutions pour tous les types de temps ! Bravo ton dessin est vraiment réussi !

  4. Lynn says:

    These types of pens worked really well for the shadows on the floor, and to give the chilly sense of concrete. I like this a lot!

  5. Joel Barnes says:

    You are a very determined sketcher! Blessed with True Grit! And you always achieve wonderful results. The couple strolling along in the distance just adds that special touch to an already great drawing. Well done.

  6. Nina,
    I don’t think it is overworked at all. It absolutely makes you feel like you are inside the tunnel. Excellent work. John

  7. I admire your dedication and love all these mitten posts.

    Come and visit and get some sunshine.

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