Slussen, Japanese album


I started a Moleskine Japanese album today. I never liked these accordion-folded sketchbooks, and I don´t love the Moleskine paper either, but for working in and around Slussen with ink pens and PITT brush pens (which has the graceful property of not creeping through paper) it should be ok. I thought it would be cool to collect these drawings in a book that can be spread out and shown as a whole. An experiment. We´ll see how it goes.

18 x 14 cm, Staedtler black fineliner and PITT artist big brush pens in Moleskine Japanese album.

One Response to “Slussen, Japanese album”

  1. Isa says:

    j’aime bien tes dessins de passages couverts, ton travail sur l’ombre et la lumière sont extraordinaires. La perspective très juste. Quant au papier, je connais les carnets Moleskine que j’apprécie mais pas le format japonais en accordéon, mais c’est sympa pour des séries.

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