Slussen towards Stadsgården


I´m still at it, taking every chance of going sketching now that I have found some tools that work in low temperatures. Went drawing at Slussen again, like yesterday, but brought the Touch markers today. I also brought a foldable stool, it is so complicated to draw standing up, holding everything in my hands. Had to choose a higher stool than my favorite tiny one. Having the seat near ground level would be complicated now – I´m wearing so many layers of clothes, I feel like the Michelin man when I move around.

Approx. 21 x 19 cm, Touch markers on marker paper.

6 Responses to “Slussen towards Stadsgården”

  1. Isa says:

    Ravie de voir que tu as trouvé les bons outils pour dessiner par temps froid ! J’aime aussi ce genre de dessin, bravo pour ta persévérance ! :)

  2. Really makes a wonderful effect, Nina! I’m still searching for the perfects stool, myself.

  3. I love these latest sketches Nina, lonely landscapes. They convey melancholy. Could appear around a character of Edward Hopper’s paintings.

  4. P_ivan says:

    That’s another great sketch from Stockholm. As promised here is my set of sketches and watercolour from my laterst trip to Sweden:

  5. Adrianne says:

    Oh, I especially like this one – with the water reflection and composition. Thanks for sharing.

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