I met with some friends at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (Museum of Natural History) today, to spend a day sketching. Still too cold outside, spring is playing hide-and-seek this year.



It is fascinating with all the animals, bugs, skeletons and whatnot in this museum, and for someone who does not draw animals very often, it is very good practice to sketch in here. I found a department today that I never visited before – the Polar area. Turned out polar bears are harder to draw than… CARS, even. I tried five times, but my bears look either like cuddly teddy bears, cougars or dogs…


All drawings: 13 x 13 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink or Staedtler fineliner, and watercolours in HandBook sketchbook.

10 Responses to “Naturhistoriska”

  1. Louis says:

    I like the bugs. Very well done. Inspiring work. I draw a lot in natural history museum myself so I can appreciate the difficulty of the task ;)

  2. Thank you, Louis! : )

  3. Melliott says:

    They ARE a little cougar-like! But still great, as are all the rest. I especially like the seal. What a good idea–never thought about going to our (very large) Natural History Museum here in L.A. to draw.

    • Thanks Melliott! I think I have actually seen drawings from the LA Natural History Museum somewhere. Without knowing, I´d guess it´s larger than ours. ;)

  4. Looks like you had a great day sketching with wonderful work to show for it.

  5. isa says:

    Bravo pour ces dessins NIna, très bonne idée de dessiner “au chaud” dans un musée. L’attitude des animaux n’est jamais facile à faire mais tu t’en tires vraiment bien. :)

  6. iHanna says:

    Jo då, dina isbjörnar ser definitift ut som isbjörnar, ingen tvekan. Var inte så kritisk. Gillar att de omges av rosa hav också. Fint!

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