Another quick sketch, this time on my way from work. Had an unusual school day, went to a cinema with students and a colleague, and grabbed a coffee in the sun at Kungsgatan before heading home.

12,5 x 12,5 cm, PITT pens (fineliners and brush pens) and Staedtler coloured pens in HandBook sketchbook.

7 Responses to “Kungsgatan”

  1. Hej Nina,

    Your work is really amazing.. Its a treat everytime you post a sketch..

    I wanted to comment on the interview with Danny but guess that post is closed.. It was nice to see you speak about your work, style and the tools.. I also wanted to check what exercise you showed during the 25th minute.. Looks interesting but I haven’t seen any post on the same.. wonder if you can share it..

    Thanks and take care..

    • Hi Rohit,
      thanks a lot, I´m glad you like my work!
      About the exercise, are you referring to the colour mix page? In that case, it´s what I do when I change colours in my palette (or buy/make a new palette). On the left page, I have an overview of the palette, how the paints are placed in it, and what their names are (very good to know when you want to buy more paint a year from now). On the right page, I draw up a grid on the paper, paint all the paints in the box along the left and the bottom edge of the grid, then mix the colours that meet in the grid. When I´ve filled the grid, I will have mixed every colour in the palette with another.
      This is by no means all the colours you can mix from this paintbox, but it gives you an idea of what the palette can do, which mixes will give you nice greys and so on. Sort of a test run of the palette.

  2. Recently I have been working in a 5″ X 5″ sketch book, approximate the same size as the drawing you just published. You get so much more onto the page – I am in awe of your work. What a wonderful composition and use of color.

  3. isa says:

    Comment arrives-tu à dessiner autant de choses sur un si petit format ? C’est vraiment bien :)

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