Drawing around Sagrada Família video

SagradaFamilia from Climax Amish on Vimeo.

A little video we did when I was in Barcelona drawing for the book, Drawing around Sagrada Família.

10 Responses to “Drawing around Sagrada Família video”

  1. Monika says:

    I love watching you draw and paint! It’s beautiful. Hope you take WIP videos more often :-)

    • Thanks! I am trying to get into the habit, but it´s always a hazzle to bring camera/iPhone tripods and rig everything up, when I really just want to sketch… ;)

  2. Jen Appel says:

    It’s fun seeing just how much detail you get out of that large paintbrush!

  3. Isa says:

    Merci Nina pour cette vidéo, j’aime beaucoup te voir dessiner et peindre aussi. cela semble si facile ! :)

  4. Linda says:

    Nina just loved this video your journal page is so great. Its nice to watch someone do there pages for someone who isjust starting art journaling. You can really learn from watching.sure wish you would have more videos like this maybe a tad slower. Your tree folige I watched having trouble doing watercolor tree folige and hope you can have one on how to do this ?
    Anyways thank you so,

    • Hi Linda,
      I´m glad you liked the video. I too find foliage hard to do, but I try to think of it as big shapes, with light on top (usually) and shade beneath. I simplify them a lot.
      I can´t promise I´ll be doing a video specifically on foliage, but you never know. ; )

  5. Paulo says:

    Hi Nina,
    I’m a portuguese urbansketcher and I follow your draws a long time. They are marvelous.
    If is possible I would like some information about your watercolor brush in video.
    Thank you for all

    • Hi Paulo,
      I´m glad to hear that you like my work. The brush I use is a da Vinci Maestro travel brush, size number 10 (the next to largest size). It´s an expensive brush, but on the other hand it covers all my needs when I´m out sketching. I do bring two or three waterbrushes too (usually Pentel), for those occations when it feels better to be discrete and not pull out a watercup and water bottle.
      Parka blogs has a great interview of the da Vinci travel brushes, mine is a bit larger than his, but the same paintbrush otherwise:

  6. Dizzy Ivy says:

    I love this! You are my inspiration when we talk about sketches! Awesome!

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