Ink mess at Slussen


I went to Slussen to sketch today, and brought some tools I haven´t used in a long time – bamboo pen and ink, grey paper and a white Uni Poska pen. Actually I have never used the Posca pen, it was a quite nice acquaintance to make.


The weather was nice and sunny, but unfortunately the wind tipped my ink bottle over, so it made a mess in the beginning stages of the drawing. I tried to mop up most of the ink with a tissue, and kept on drawing. It was a lucky thing I had decided to work with black and white, the Posca pen managed to cover most of the ink blob, but it wasn´t a pretty sight at first…

48 x 25 cm, bamboo pen with Noodler´s Bulletproof Black ink and Uni Posca pen on grey drawing paper.

17 Responses to “Ink mess at Slussen”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Very nice drawing, and excellent save! Thanks for posting this, showing how an event that could have been disheartening was overcome with fine a fine end result.

    • Thanks Carolyn. Yeah, most mistakes and minor disasters will sort themselves out in a drawing if you don´t give up on it too soon. In this case my choice of materials were key, I guess. It would have been hard to do anything about it without the white.

  2. sole says:

    Very nice results, Nina. As always!! I love the GIN bottle reconverted into INK bottle ;-)

    I have got this friend who’s an artist too, and she’s much into accepting whatever technique, material or accident and incorporating them into her work as they happen. I think it’s a brilliant way to get rid of the stress and pressure we subconsciously put on ourselves when drawing (specially live drawing, without preparations).

    And that white pen is a terrific suggestion. Adding another item to the list of things to try one day..

    • Thanks Sole! The Gin bottle of Noodler´s was a gift from a friend, very handy for bringing along. I agree about the stress relief that incorporating mistakes in your drawings brings – even if you don´t always succeed in doing it, it is a good start-out attitude. : )

  3. Isa says:

    Bravo pour la “réparation” :) . ton dessin est superbe, il me rappelle un peu certaines B.D., j’aime beaucoup.
    Ce serait bien que tu puisses te filmer en train de dessiner, comme tu l’avais fait déjà, c’est intéressant.

    • Merci Isa! “serait” et “puisses” sont exactement les formes de verbes que j´ai oublié, je comprends, mais je ne peut pas les utiliser – so I´ll take it in English: I have been wanting to do more videos for a long time, but it´s always a matter of time, and how much equipment you want to bring along. It would be great if I could figure out an easy method to just rig up the iphone beside me when I´m drawing, without having to find someone else to hold it. I´m working on it. :)

  4. Mariana says:

    Great save, and brilliant drawing!

  5. Suma CM says:

    Love it! Can’t tell there was a spill at all, and love the black/white on toned paper.

  6. I really enjoy these maritime views. The perspective is great.
    I bought a Posca pen just like yours recently, but have not tried it yet. But I see the results can be great.

  7. Charlotte says:

    Glad to see you’re still using it!

  8. Erik says:

    I enjoy looking at what you chose to blacken, whiten and what to leave open-lined. I also like the triangle shape of the perspective going off into the distance, pointing at the flag shapes.

    I learned to not trust ink bottles, they mean well but can’t move fast enough from out of the way of my hand … so, i pour or squeeze ink into a small, glass container that’s close to the table surface (like a small flat glass ashtray) and dip into it. Glass makes it easy to clean. And since my ink bottle isn’t open so much, it has a longer lifespan before clotting too much.

    • I totally understand you with the ink bottles, it is always risky. I usually have trouble finding some place to put that bottle when I´m out drawing. This time it was easy to use it (well…) since I found some kind of electric cabinet with a flat surface to work on.

  9. Rob Weaver says:

    Great save! Had a similar mishap in class a while ago. The black blob, covered by white gouache, eventually became an acceptable big grey rock.

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