Sagrada Família book at Amazon


My book Drawing around Sagrada Família is now available for Europeans too, via This is the Spanish Amazon site, which means it is in Spanish, but I´m sure you´ll manage. : )
(If not, open up, for example, in another browser window, and see how the buttons and links work.)

My book is available in Europe here: Drawing around Sagrada Família,
Both mine and Swasky´s Enjoy Gaudí are here: Sketchguides at

Also available for the US here: Drawing around Sagrada Família,

For those of you who wonder: the book is written in English, and has a translation to both Spanish and Catalan in the last few pages.

8 Responses to “Sagrada Família book at Amazon”

  1. Linda says:

    Hej Nina
    Nu tror jag att jag lyckades beställa boken – trots att jag inte kan spanska.
    Jag ser fram emot att få läsa den.

  2. Melliott says:

    Congratulations, Nina! A wonderful achievement.

  3. AnAis says:

    Great! Can’t wait to get it too!
    Congrats, Nina :)

  4. My copy of your book just arrived and it is gorgeous! Makes me feel like I am one of the tourists pictured, experiencing all. Congratulations and thanks!

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