The sluice canal in action


Fresh from Slussen, the sluice canal is in full use. There is always a curious little crowd watching the boats going in and out of the canal.

29,5 x 23 cm, Staedtler fineliner, PITT Artist big brush pens on Fabriano hot press watercolour paper.

7 Responses to “The sluice canal in action”

  1. Erik says:

    So nice!

    I like how the bridge’s shadow are the wave strokes, and the rest of the water is white.

  2. isa says:

    Magnifique ! De jolis contrastes dans ce dessin :)

  3. Ed Mostly says:

    A beautifully rich monochrome. I particularly love the clarity and contrast around the columns under the bridge and the tiny slice of sunlight and bright water beyond.

    • Thanks Ed! It was really fun to play with the light that day, it was so bright, and I tried to exaggerate it a bit too. Glad it worked. : )

  4. Joel Barnes says:

    Hello Nina,
    Wonderful, wonderful drawing. The contrasts between the lights and the darks….the ripple effect of the water…..the looking down from above perspective…..all so well done!

    I am looking forward to getting your new book. I know it will be inspiring.


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