Peter Myndes backe


Trying out some new coloured pencils I found the other day, they are Magic (are too, it says so on the packaging!). Every coloured lead consists of several colours, so the red pen, for example, has a lead with pink, red and orange in it. Rather fun to draw with, you can´t really get a flat colour. I´m not too crazy about the result here, but I´ll play some more with them and see what they can do.

14 x 14 cm, UniPin ink pen and Koh-i-Noor Magic coloured pencils in Moleskine Japanese album.

4 Responses to “Peter Myndes backe”

  1. Monika says:

    Ooh what’s not to like! I really like the colors, they are so summer-y :-) The multicolors really give some texture, which is a great juxtaposition to the smooth monotone of the creamy paper.

  2. Isa says:

    J’aime bien ce dessin, mais je crois que je préfère encore plus l’aquarelle que tu maîtrises tellement bien :)

    • Moi aussi, Isa, mais j´aime bien changer la technique parfois. Autrefois je vais faire les même choses avec la même manière tout le temps.

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