Preparing for exhibition


I have been tiring your eyes with sketches from Slussen in Stockholm for quite some time now, I find this huge traffic hub an amazing place to draw in and around. And since Slussen is about to change (the city has decided to tear it down and build something new and glossy) it feels important to capture as much as I can about it now, before it´s gone.


I have been putting these sketches to use lately, as inspiration for a series of watercolours that I am going to show at an exhibition at Norrbyskär outside Umeå in July-August. I feel like I could go on painting forever on this theme, but as of right now, I have about two more days to finish up and deliver the paintings to the museum where the exhibition is held. There are still a few things left to do, but I´m beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. : )

8 Responses to “Preparing for exhibition”

  1. Isa says:

    Bon courage et bonne chance !

  2. Bertie says:

    jag tycker så mycket om dina Slussenbilder! jag ser med andra ögon på Slussen sedan jag har sett dem. Roligt att det blir en exposition i Umeå – hoppas bara att det blir en utställning i Stockholm också någon gång.

    • Oj, vad kul att höra att mina bilder ändrat hur du ser på Slussen! Stort! Jag hoppas också det kan bli någon slags utställning i Stockholm så småningom, det känns ju som om de här bilderna hör hemma här. : )

  3. Annika says:

    Hej Nina! Jättefint, ja du kan väl ställa ut i Stockholm? Lycka till med fixet.

  4. Linda says:

    Åhh de är så fina dina Slussen bilder. Jag tycker du ska göra en bok p.s.s. som Barcelonaboken. :)

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