S/S Blidösund


Few things scream “Stockholm” as much as these old steam ships do. Well, not all of them are steam ships, but the ones with these tall chimneys are.

I got the nib of my new(ish) TWSBI 580 pen fine-tuned by an expert today, and had to try it out afterwards. I took a walk along the water at Skeppsbron in Gamla stan (Old town), and this boat caught my eye. Again. I´ve tried to draw it before, but then it suddenly honked three times (which means the engine is in reverse) and left the quai. This time it looked like it was going to stay put for a while, no queue of passengers and no crew in sight. I sat there sketching for an hour or so, while the weather changed from almost rain to perfect sunshine and blue sky.

Oh, and the pen works much better now, it completely stopped scratching the paper.

27 x 21,5 cm, TWSBI 580 with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn Alpha Series sketchbook.

8 Responses to “S/S Blidösund”

  1. Don Colley says:

    Wow Nina! These gorgeous drawings just flow out of you. A fantastic description of how the boat arcs and the way you’ve lit the side gives the boat real dimension. And that you did this in “an Hour or so”? Yikes. BTW, I love the TWSBI pens. I haven’t had any fine tuned but yours must draw like a dream. Fabulous drawing.

  2. Thanks a lot, Don! Yeah, I was unusually quick with this one, I think. Probably because the boat is all I put effort into, really. The background is very simplified. And I added the pen later.
    My TWSBI was ok, but it had a very light scratchyness that made me a bit disappointed, since the one I tried in the store was super smooth. Then I found out that it was quite easy to fix this, had it done, and it made all the difference. The pen feels great to draw with now.

  3. Stefan A says:

    Hej Nina, gillar dina bilder mkt! Är du nöjd med TWSBI 580-pennan? mvh


    • Tack Stefan! Ja, jag är nöjd med pennan. Jag har en superflexibel Namiki Falcon annars, och den är så känslig och mjuk i spetsen att det räcker med en kopp kaffe för mycket för att linjerna ska bli vobbliga. Jag längtade efter nåt stadigare att variera med, och TWSBIn är mer “stillsam” och stadig. Och ett plus är att den innehåller en rasande massa bläck, man behöver inte fylla på lika ofta som i en penna med bläckconverter.
      Min 580 råkade vara lite skrapig, men det gick ju att fixa till, så nu är den följsam och skön att rita med.

  4. Louise says:

    I enjoy your blog and always look forward to seeing your posts with new work. I learn a lot from studying your work. Thank you!

    I am interested in your experience with your TWSBI 580. My 580 writes smoothly, but the pen has terrible flow problems which I have seen widely discussed on many blogs. It will start out wet, then completely dry up. Have you had any flow problems with this pen? If so, did having the pen ‘tuned’ improve the flow. My workhorse Lamy’s are smooth and have a reliable flow that never disappoints.

    • Thanks, Louise!
      I haven´t had any problems at all with the flow in my TWSBI. Mine was a tiny bit scratchy, not so I couldn´t use it, but it was a bit annoying. This was fixed with the fine-tuning.
      I am pretty sure you can change the flow in the TWSBI somehow, it is a pen that you can disassemble completely – even the nib and ink feed – so it should be possible to fix it. Search online, check TWSBI´s own youtube channel (I found out just now that they have one, with lots of tips and tricks). Or send it to someone who can do it for you.
      Sorry you´re having problems with yours, it is a nice pen to draw with.

      • Louise says:

        Thank you for your generous reply, Nina. I followed your suggestions and spent a lot of time over the weekend trying to solve the problem, all to no avail. I contacted TWSBI and they asked that I send them the pen and they will check it for me, replacing the nib and feed if necessary. Very prompt customer service, so I am encouraged that this will be solved. I like the pen!

        Your work stands out on these sketching blogs; I find it on several other blogs as well. I wish you could find time to do more videos, but I know about limitations with time and what others think we should be doing with our time! Best wishes to you. Louise

        • Thank you so much, Louise! I am glad TWSBI seems to have good customer relations, I hope it works out fine with your pen so you can start enjoying it.
          Yes, time is always the problem with movies. But I hope to be able to do more, they are very fun to make. I´m trying to find easy ways to do them, and not make it too complicated.

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