Stockholm sailing craze


I was going to draw Slussen from above, sitting at the roof of Gondolen restaurant. But the view over the water was much prettier yesterday, so I went for that instead. Stockholm is full of sailing boats right now, with temporary quais everywhere for the participants in the Gotland runt (Around Gotland) race.

I love those daring sailing enthusiasts who sail all the way into the inner city, making the view even prettier than usual. It´s not an easy thing to sail here, with all the narrow passages and boats and ferries everywhere. They must know the rules of giving way by heart.

27 x 21,5 cm, TWSBI 580 with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn Alpha Series sketchbook.

8 Responses to “Stockholm sailing craze”

  1. Caroline says:

    What a pretty inner harbour! I love the Tall Ship at the water’s edge! Slussen is interesting, and I always enjoy your sketches of it, but this is a scene that begs to be sketched.

    • It was begging to be sketched, wasn´t it? The tall ship (Af Chapman) is actually a youth hostel, it has been part of that island for a long time now (it´s even drawn in on the Stockholm map). But it looks as if it is more comfortable surrounded by sailing boats. :)

  2. Isa says:

    Cette vue est vraiment magnifique ! Tous ces bateaux et la ville dans le fond, belle perspective et jolies couleurs :) . Bravo Nina !

  3. Rob Weaver says:

    Think I had dinner in that restaurant about 30 years ago – is that possible?

    • Cool Rob! That is totally possible – the restaurant was opened, along with the elevator attached to it, in 1935. Not the same owner through all these years, of course, but the name and the location is still the same. : )

  4. Adeline says:

    Je suis votre blog depuis quelques temps, j’aime beaucoup beaucoup votre style! Combien de temps demande ce genre de croquis? Magnifique!

    • Merci Adeline! Je ne sais pas précisement, mais je crois que j´ai dessiné pendant 20-30 minutes ici. J´ai pressé un peu, parce que le soleil était trop fort.

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