Saltsjö exit – Saltsjöutfarten


Watercolour from my Slussen series, currently on exhibition at Norrbyskär´s museum.

31 x 31 cm, watercolour on Fabriano 300 gsm watercolour paper.

4 Responses to “Saltsjö exit – Saltsjöutfarten”

  1. p_ivan says:

    Nice! How did you make this precise pattern?

  2. Anette says:

    Hi Nina,

    I totally love the patterns you can make in watercolor. Do know where I can find stencils like this? I have been scanning the intranet but haven’t found any where the form is repeated like this.


    • Hi Anette,
      sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I make my own patterns and cut them in thin sheets of plastic, so I’m afraid I can’t give you any advice on this.

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