USk symposium in Barcelona


I am finally getting somewhere in scanning my sketchbook spreads from the Urban Sketchers symposium in Barcelona. I was there between the 8th and the 15th of July, so I had a few days to enjoy the city before the actual symposium started. Of course, like probably every other person traveling to Bcn for this event, I started out by doing the compulsory in-flight drawings. : )


I met some other early participants in the evening, and sketched the odd street scene too, during these three days.

Both images: 27 x 21,5 cm, various ink pens and watercolours in Stillman & Birn Alpha Series sketchbook.

2 Responses to “USk symposium in Barcelona”

  1. Isa says:

    Beaux souvenirs d’une semaine de dessins ! Je pense que ton avion est passé juste au dessus de chez moi ( j’habite le Var, Sud de la France ). ;)

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