Report from the summer house, #2


I made a big watercolour painting of this skittles alley before, here is another angle of it. Funny little house, about a hundred years old, and you can still borrow the key for it to play. Though I doubt the balls will roll straight nowadays, seems everything is leaning a bit. But then, that might just add to the fun.

If you turn around from here, you will look out over the water, towards the mainland. On this particular day, you could see the fog rolling in. (And I would have loved to lift some colour from those high clouds, but again, this paper does not allow for regrets…)


Both drawings: 20 x 20 cm, GEO College Pigment liner and watercolours on Cartiera Magnani cold pressed watercolour paper.

4 Responses to “Report from the summer house, #2”

  1. Melliott says:

    Love these–your color, shadow and line are always immaculate, even with the difficult paper.

  2. Very nice watercolor ! The weather is still nice in sweden ?

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