Dr Sketchy´s Anti Art School


I went to my first Dr Sketchy session ever this evening. After reading about it online for years, but never found any in Stockholm before, it was great fun to finally try it out.


Dr Sketchy is like a life drawing session, but where the models dress up according to different themes (read more about it here). This evening was all about manga and anime, we got six poses from a short Lolita story, and a few figures from Studio Ghibli´s movies. Super fun and very difficult. Each pose lasted between six and nine minutes, I would guess, and I didn´t have time to do any shading or colouring. So many details, so little time!



Various sizes, Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink and Pentel Pocket Brush on cheap drawing paper.

10 Responses to “Dr Sketchy´s Anti Art School”

  1. These are GREAT, Nina! (I wish we had a better Dr. Sketchy in Seattle. . . I went once, but the venue is too cramped ) I probably shouldn’t say this, but the very top one on the left looks a bit like you! :-) Maybe you were channeling your inner manga.

    - Tina

    • Haha, you are actually right, Tina, it does look a little like me! I didn´t think of it before. Sorry your Dr Sketchy isn´t great. I have only been once here, so I don´t have anything to compare with, but it was fun, and the models were great. And the music. :)

  2. isa says:

    Exercice amusant mais difficile, en si peu de temps, on ne va qu’à l’essentiel … bravo !

  3. Melliott says:

    They are fantastic! No way you did these in six minutes! Wow.

    • Yes way! ;) Though some were up to nine minutes. Though I would have loved a few minutes more here and there, would have loved to be more accurate with the black brush pen…

  4. Ed Mostly says:

    Looks fun! Great clear strong lines. I especially like the Princess Mononokes, a fierce feral girl from an old family film favourite, along with many other Ghibli delights. Sadly no Dr Sketchy near us, yet. Ed

  5. Great sketches Nina. I’ve attended a Dr Sketchy’s once, and really enjoyed it.

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