View from Katarinavägen


I´m out drawing as much as I can before it gets too cold – and I try to draw as much as I can at Slussen before they tear it away. Today was a perfect autumn day, incredibly sunny and almost warm. But still cold enough for the Platinum Carbon ink to take forever to dry. I´m going to have to ditch my fountain pens during winter, I keep smearing ink with my drawing hand.

People were quite talkative and curious about what I was doing today, had some nice conversations with passers by. Otherwise people tend to be afraid to disturb me when I´m out sketching, in the corner of my eye I can often see them taking a peek at what I´m doing without coming too close.

27 x 21,5 cm, TWSBI Diamond 580 with Platinum Carbon ink, grey, yellow and red Copic Multiliner SP and watercolours on Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook spread.

10 Responses to “View from Katarinavägen”

  1. RobW says:


  2. isa says:

    Super Nina, tu fais bien de profiter des derniers beaux jours d’automne avant qu’il ne fasse trop froid …

  3. Adeline says:

    Bonjour… j’aime beaucoup ces deux formats qui cohabitent sur la même double page et la spontanéité des coulées d’encre.
    Ce rapport au regard des passants est intéressant. C’est une de mes excuses qui m’empêchent de me remettre à dessiner (alors que je rêve de croquer la vie autour de moi). Je crois que je détesterai qu’on me regarde ne pas réussir mon croquis!
    Tu dois être tellement triste du sort de ce Slussen…

    • Merci Adeline! Par rapport de dessiner parmis des autres gens – pour commençer, il faut trouver un endroit assez calme et avec ton dos contre un mur, et aussi mettre des lunettes de soleil et des écouteurs sur ton tête. Alors, personne va te voir dessiner, et personne va parler avec toi. Et après quelques fois, tu va être plus courageuse! :)

  4. Kaisa says:

    I really like that grey skyline in the main picture! It really gives the drawing depth. :)

    • Thanks Kaisa! I hoped that depth would be the effect of the grey back there, and it did turn out pretty well, I think. I had to strengthen some of the black lines to make the difference clearer.

  5. Fab sketches. Such a shame they are tearing the area down.

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