Volvo Duett


Went out sketching around the neighborhood today, and decided to capture this beauty up close again (have drawn it a couple of times before). A 60´s (I´d guess) Volvo Duett.

The owner of this car must be a pragmatic person. The left rear mirror broke, so he/she found another one in black to replace it. And everyone knows it´s dangerous to ride in a car without headrests, so this car has new (well… -ish) seats with headreasts. Plus, of course, in a Nordic climate you want an engine heater – hence the electrical cord sticking out the front. I love this attitude. This car is meant to be used, with no worries about looks or original parts or a fancy surface. And it still outshines any other parked car in the same street.

Up close, you can see that this used to be a fire department vehicle in Lycksele, a little Northern town about 790 km from Stockholm. I wonder what brought it here.

19 x 20 cm, UniPin waterproof fineliner and watercolours in Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook.

19 Responses to “Volvo Duett”

  1. This is a wonderful old car, Nina, and an even better drawing of it. I’m always amazed by your work.

    Cheers — Larry

  2. genine says:

    This sketch is out of this world! The thumbnail looked like a photo!

  3. Rob Carey says:

    Perfect angle, color, personality- and the fall leaves are the cherry on top.

    • Thanks a lot, Rob! The fall leaves are so beautiful in the streets right now, they are everywhere, and I´m glad I managed to capture a few in one of my sketches! Such a shame that they quickly turn to brown mush…

  4. Wow… This is fabulous, Nina!

  5. isa says:

    Très joli dessin avec en plus l’âme de cette voiture, son histoire ressort dans tes traits et la touche finale qui la rend encore plus humaine avec ces belles feuilles d’automne :) Bravo !

  6. David says:

    Looks great! The wide-angle perspective is better than previous drawings. :) …and I can see you standing there drawing in the reflection of the chrome bumper too! :)

    • Thanks a lot, David! I actually brought a little door viewer lens to figure out what I did wrong before, looked through it before starting the sketch. You were right, overdoing the closest corner, and diminishing the other two very much makes for a better result. Still needed to measure some things with the pen to, so it´s a funny mixture of methods. The Saab was gone, though. I would have loved to give it´s long bonnet another try and see if I could make it more believable. Guess that will have to wait until spring. And yes, I could see myself in the bumper. ;)

  7. Brigitte says:

    French visitors and a colour challenge :

    Hi Nina,
    Already 5 weeks have passed since we came back from Sweden !!! Time goes by so fast !
    Thank you for your kindness and your talent
    Your website is excellent
    Can I give the link to my friends ?
    I will follow you now ….
    You are lucky to live in Stockholm, it’s a very beautiful town.
    I have made a slide show with my photos and I will send you the link
    Best regards
    Brigitte (with Liliane and co …)

    • Hey Brigitte!
      Nice to hear from you, thanks a lot for your kind words! And of course, go ahead and give the link to anyone you like. Looking forward to seeing your photos! :)

  8. John Eagan says:

    Your sketch really brings out the character of this old Volvo. The leaves are a nice touch.


  9. Beautiful as always!

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