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I went to another Dr Sketchy´s Anti Art School session last night, this time with a music history theme. All kinds of stars posed, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Nina Hagen, David Bowie, Dolly Parton, and more. Plus an actual rockabilly band, The Troubled Three (I didn´t know you could stand on a contrabass without breaking it!). All accompanied by a great DJ playing all the best tracks from the artists.


The more elaborate drawings on toned paper was tampered with when I got home. I couldn´t help myself, it was so much fun to keep playing with those with a white gel pen and some grey PITT artist brush pens.




Apart from being incredibly fun, I find that I´m getting plenty of practice with something that I didn´t really draw that much – clothes and folds! It is super difficult, but having dressed models actually standing still for a while really helps.


All images: different sizes, from A4 to approx. A5, UniPin ink fineliner, PITT Artist brush pens, white Uni POSCA, white Pentel Hybrid gel pen, and Koh-I-Noor Magic coloured pencils, on different kinds of cheap paper.

5 Responses to “Dr Sketchy´s – Music history”

  1. These are marvelous, Nina! I love sketching costumed models… so much fun! These must be relatively long poses… 20 or 30 minutes?

    • Thanks Tina! The poses were generally about 3 pop-songs long, so, maybe 10 minutes, I´d guess. But I kept working on the ones on brown paper when I got home, so they look more advanced than they were when I drew them. ;)

  2. Jenny Soep says:

    Great Nina! Sorry to miss this one. Love your drawings – looks like you really had a lot of fun :)

  3. isa says:

    waouh ! Alors là on change de style :) dessiner dans le bruit, se concentrer, changer de papier, on est loin du calme des paysages, mêmes urbains. C’est inhabituel mais très réussi, bravo !

  4. Tipulida says:

    Nu är jag avundsjuk! Vanlig kroki är kul, men det här verkar vara så otroligt roligt, undrar om det sprider sig ut från Stockholm – hoppas hoppas :-)

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