Kolingsborg is one of those Stockholm classics that will disappear soon with the construction of the new Slussen. Built in 1954, it has housed the Stockholm harbour office, the harbour workers´ union, a shipping company and an architect´s office, but is probably most well known these days for the nightclub that´s been there at the bottom floor for ages.

27 x 21,5 cm, UniPin ink fineliner, PITT Artist brush pens and Koh-I-Noor Magic coloured pencils on Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook spread.

3 Responses to “Kolingsborg”

  1. isa says:

    En France aussi certains bâtiments sont transformés pour devenir tout autre chose au fil des années … pas toujours heureux d’ailleurs … chouette dessin !

  2. isa says:

    Nina, connais-tu ceci ? : http://www.pencils.jp/product/347
    encore plus pratique et lèger dans le sac ;)

  3. Mari says:

    Slussen, I sure will miss that building and not getting the chance to see it again before it gets torn down and changed. Do you know what they will build there instead or will it be added too or? It just is one of those very iconic places within the city, I loved how it stood between two very different areas, Stockholm Soder and Old Town. Great drawing!!!

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