The tiny micro little folding stool


I have had some questions from people about my little folding stool, both online and in real life, so I thought I´d write a post on it.

I don´t like standing up when I´m drawing, I want to sit down so I can lay the sketchbook on my lap, to get a sturdy support for the drawing. I want to sit close to the ground for two reasons: 1) I want to reach my paints and water and stuff that I keep on the ground, without having to bend down or lean over to the sides, and 2) I like it when my knees are a little bit above the seat level, so the sketchbook has a comfortable angle to my eyes. It´s like sitting at a leaning drawing board, and gives me a good working pose.

This particular folding stool was a quick solution to the fact that my old one (which was slightly bigger) broke from old age and heavy use in Barcelona in July. I searched online and found this on, and since it was cheap, small and can carry up to 90 kg, I figured it would probably work. And it does. It is not perfect, but it´s ok.

I don´t think that this stool is for everyone, because as I said in my previous post, it is ridiculously small. Microscopic. I added some usual pens in the photo for comparison.

Some measurements – US citizens will have to do their own maths. ;)   The seat height is about 18 cm. The fabric of the seat is 19 x 18 cm, and my butt is ever so slightly bigger than that, so it´s not super comfy to sit on for a longer period of time, but it works for me. When folded, the metal parts measure 23,5 x 25 cm, and the thickness of the whole chair is then less than 3 cm, so it will fit into almost any bag. It is very lightweight, haven´t checked exactly how much it weighs, but it is considerably lighter than my current Stillman & Birn portrait format sketchbook. It doesn´t really add any weight to the bag.

The print on the seat fabric doesn´t seem to be a real brand name, I can´t find it through the usual search engines, and the product images at amazon do not show any print on the seat. I don´t really think needs more links, but if you copy this and paste it into their search bar, you´ll find the stool (along with some others): Folding Outdoor Camping Hiking Fishing Picnic Garden BBQ Stool.

11 Responses to “The tiny micro little folding stool”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Nina, in the description, it reads “for a light or thin person only” …..Made me laugh…
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hehe, yeah, and since the stool works for me, I have come to the conclusion that I must be a light or thin person. ;)
      Seriously, though, I know it says that on Amazon, but if you scroll down it actually states that it´s good for 90 kg, which is perhaps not the typical thin or light person… :)

  2. Wow, that is tiny (but not tinier than Lapin’s…?) — but I like that it is so lightweight. I hope it doesn’t tip you over into the street someday! :-0 I have a 3-leg camp stool, and if I don’t sit exactly in the center, it tips me over!

    - Tina

    • I´d say it is probably just about the size of Lapin´s, or maybe even a tiny bit smaller (last time I saw what he used).
      About the tipping over – yes, that is an issue. I haven´t tipped over yet, but since it´s so small that your body is wider than the stool in every direction, you actually have to take care at the moment you sit yourself down on it. It is easy to loose balance a little. But once you´re seated, it´s ok. You get used to how it behaves.
      I have a three legged stool too (the Swedish “Walk Stool” that I have seen many sketchers using), and it is actually very sturdy, I was never near tipping over with that one. The problems for me with the Walk Stool is that it is 1) too bulky in the bag, 2) too heavy to carry around, and 3) too high to reach my watercolours on the ground – even though I have the lowest of their models.

  3. Kaisa says:

    I was just wondering about finding a small enough folding stool the other day! :) I’m happy to sit on the ground when it’s still warm, but, well, you know what the weather is like up here. It still might be warm enough to draw outside occasionally (when it’s not raining) but sitting on the ground…

    About the winter equipment, you mentioned those Koh-i-noor multicolour pencils in an earlier post. Where did you get them? They sounded interesting and I was wondering if you found them in Stockholm or on-line. In fact, where do you shop for your art stuff in Stockholm? It took me some time to find an art supply store when I was there last. I like the PITT pens but I haven’t found a good supply of them in Finland yet. Most sellers here stock only sets and I only need certain widths and colours that I did manage to find in Stockholm. No need to say I stocked up big time though I’m running out of black S-size ones as I use them from writing too.

    • I know what you mean about sitting on the ground. I am ok with sitting on the curb or something if it´s warm enough, but it´s not very often that it is. Even if the air is warm, the ground usually isn´t.
      I bought the multicolour pencils at a store called Jordi at Hornsgatan in Stockholm. Haven´t seen them anywhere else. They don´t have an online shop, but it says on their homepage that you can contact them via email if you need them to send something. Might be worth a try.
      There are a few nice places to shop for art supplies in Stockholm: IB Wahlström at Olofsgatan, Kreatima at Kungsgatan, Masters at St Paulsgatan (Södermalm), Jordi at Hornsgatan, Inspira at Liljeholmstorget (a galleria/shopping mall at Liljeholmen). If you are looking for pens, I´d go to Pen store at Hornsgatan (they even have my fav waterproof coloured ink fineliners, Copic Multiliner SP, and not only in sets) or Mattonbutiken at Luntmakargatan.

  4. isa says:

    Ta petite chaise à l’air vraiment fonctionnelle, personnellement j’utilise un siège trépied (tripod seat ), très pratique parce qu’on peut le porter à l’épaule et surtout très stable, on en trouve dans les magasins de pêche ( fisherman ).

  5. Melliott says:

    Yeah, maybe if I bought two and taped them together…ha!

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