Last sketch of 2013


This is what will probably be the last sketch of 2013 (still a few hours left, so you never know…). It was captured yesterday, at one of Stockholm´s “non-places” – you know, those forgotten spots in the middle of bustling cities, that noone seems to care about or use much. Järnvägsparken (Railway park) near Central station is one of those spots. A few pedestrians passing from Kungsholmen to Central station, otherwise empty, full of heavy traffic overhead, and lots of concrete. I had to add the paint at home, because even if it was warm enough to draw with bare hands, the watercolours take forever to dry in low temperatures.

And this is me, drawing the place – happy as a clam about actually seeing the sun out for a change. I was captured by my friend Carina, who spent an hour or so photographing the area while I was sketching.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year in 2014, hope you get to enjoy lots of sketching and creativity ahead!

27 x 21,5 cm, UniPin ink fineliner and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

18 Responses to “Last sketch of 2013”

  1. Tanya says:

    Nina, thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. I stop by your blog frequently and am always inspired by your work. Happy, happy new year from Canada, cheers to 2014.

  2. Eva says:

    Thanks for the beautiful sketches of one of my mostly loved cities and all the hints you give regarding material. It’s a pleasure to view your sketches and motivates me continue doing sketches.
    And a happy new year 2014 for you.

    • Thanks Eva, it warms my heart to hear that you like Stockholm too. Hope 2014 will bring you lots of fun sketching opportunities and time for creating! :)

  3. June Hymas says:

    Always love to see your work! Looking forward to what you will do next!!

  4. Rob Weaver says:

    A lovely finish to 2013. Happy New Year from Australia!

  5. Happy New Year, Nina! Your sketches are always inspiring, and the skill you demonstrate is what I aspire to! May 2014 bring all of us lots of fun sketching opportunities!

  6. lilotte says:

    Thanks Nina for your sketches of Stockholm, a city I’d love to visit, even the “non-places”.
    I wish you a very happy new year.

  7. Joel Barnes says:

    Hello Nina,
    Wonderful drawing as always! I am still such an admirer of your talents. Wishing you a Happy 2014!!!

  8. Brigitte says:

    A very happy new year from France !!!! :)

  9. what a wonderful sketch

    - i will have to visit stockholm only for these ‘non-places’..

    happy new year from berlin!

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