Digging a hole for others


There is a saying in Swedish that goes “He who digs a hole for others, often falls in it himself”, meaning something like “the biter gets bitten”. Well, these guys were digging a hole for others outside our house yesterday. I don´t think they fell into it yet, since they put up a sturdy fence around it afterwards, but there is still time for it to happen. Because of course they didn´t finish the job.

You´ve gotta love that claw, though.

21,5 x 14 cm, Duke calligraphy nib fountain pen with Platinum Carbon black ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook page.

9 Responses to “Digging a hole for others”

  1. We have the same saying in Finnish – which is not surprising, I guess.

    And those excavators are so animal-like with their long arms and claws and whatnots. There is something dinosaurian to them! Really like your portrait of them. :)

    • Us Nordic fellas think alike. ;)
      I love big machines, they are so unreal, somehow. Your description, “dinosaurian”, is an excellent one! Clumsy, slow-moving and too strong for their own good. And super-fun to draw.

  2. I hope you are ready with your sketchbook when they do.

    Love the sketch!

  3. isa says:

    Cela doit être de gros trous avec des engins pareils … Joli dessin qui semble “propre” par rapport au travail de ces messieurs ! Je ne connaissais pas cette expression ;)

  4. Russell Parry says:

    You seem to be able to get a meaningful sketch out of practically anything, Nina! Do you ever look around you and think ‘nothing doing’ or is it a matter of training your eye until everything presents an opportunity?
    Incidentally, the nearest expression in English is possibly ‘hoist by your own petard’ which has remained in use in English despite the words being seriously antique! A petard is a primitive, medieval bomb, used to blow holes in walls etc. and ‘hoist’ in this sense means ‘blown up’. The expression has probably only remained in use because Shakespeare used it in Hamlet… and as you know anglophones can never stop repeating what Old Will wrote (it’s probably illegal)!
    By the way, did you get my e-mail about choosing a type/colour of book? I sent it 21 Jan, and it was not returned, but it may have been removed by the spam filter (I am always losing e-mails that way). I used the e-mail address you gave. Let me know if I need to resend, or if you have decided against trying out one of the books.

    • Thanks Russell!
      I find that the more I draw, the more practically anything is interesting to draw! Very interesting to hear the English expression, thank you, I´ll try to remember that! You have no idea how much I searched for an English saying that means the same thing as the Swedish one, to be able to include it in my text here, but it is hard to google sayings. Usually what you get is an exact translation, which is not quite the same thing.
      Thanks for reminding me about the book! I have been struggling with my email for a while here, trying to migrate it from an old computer, and no program versions or file formats were compatible. It is possible that it didn´t show up as new in the inbox. Give me a day or two to sort it, I´m sure it´s in there somewhere. :)

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