Long flight home


Sketching is a foolproof way to keep you from getting bored, even during a long flight with a wall in front of you. I´ve been on a one week trip to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, with my dear M and the in-laws, enjoying lots of sleep, good food, plenty of time for drawing, just the right amount of sun and warmth, one dip in the Atlantic (cold but quite enjoyable) and some very inspiring meetings with local urban sketchers. More sketches are coming out fresh from the scanner shortly.

21,5 x 14 cm, my dear M, the in-laws, UniPin fineliner and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

8 Responses to “Long flight home”

  1. Love this fisheye view! Can’t wait to see all the sketches! And CAN’T WAIT to take your workshop in Paraty!!!

    - Tina

  2. isa says:

    Bravo pour cette vue “fisheye”, j’aurais aimé te regarder dessiner :) j’ai hâte aussi de voir les autres dessins de ta belle semaine ensoleillée !

  3. Joel Barnes says:

    Also looking forward to more!

  4. Adeline says:

    Belle prouesse technique, ce croquis! Trop, trop hâte de découvrir tes croquis de Las Palmas!

  5. Eva says:

    I am always astonished that you can make these exciting sketches even in a very boring surrounding. Curious to see more!

  6. Thanks guys!
    Eva: that´s the thing about drawing – it turns every place and situation into an interesting thing to try to capture. :)

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