Off to Las Palmas


Of course a journey that includes flying has to include airport drawings. It´s a must.


I had the opportunity to meet with local Urban sketchers Pedro Villarrubia and Ale on our first day in Las Palmas. We started out with a fantastic lunch on Sunday, together with Pedro´s family and my dear M (who held the camera here) and then went out to sketch for a couple of hours. We were joined by Marie Carmen too, another local sketcher.

It really is great to be part of the big Urban Sketchers community when traveling – it is such a treasure to find new friends and sketching companions wherever you go. Thank you guys for joining me and M on this and following days, taking the time for sketching and showing us around town – you really enriched our stay in Las Palmas! :)


After lunch we sketched the obvious thing in front of us when we came out from the restaurant – Las Canteras beach. I was the slowest sketcher of the bunch. ;)


See more of the other sketchers´work and posts about our sketch outing here:

It was a lovely feeling to be able to sketch outdoors in the sun, as a contrast to the grey and cold Stockholm views I´ve been surrounded by the last few months. And the greenery! Coming from bare winter trees in the North, to the parks of Las Palmas is fantastic. I spent the next morning sipping a nice cappucchino while drawing this amazing huge tree in Parque Doramas.


All drawings: 21,5 x 14,5 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink, various fineliners, and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook pages.

7 Responses to “Off to Las Palmas”

  1. “Ficus microcarpa” is this tree. Here, “Laurel de Indias”, in Sweden, “Citronfikus”, I think, Nina.
    Ale has also published the drawings he made during your visit on the blog Urban Sketchers Spain:

    It was a very nice visit. And, well, everyone sketcher has their own style and rhythm, and that’s the beauty of Urban Sketchers, which are varied. ;) I have learned and continue to learn … from the way you draw. There is some Swedish tradition in your drawings, and it was inevitable for me to remember Carl Larsson. Greetings and thanks, Nina.

    • Thanks Pedro. And thanks for the link – I managed to find Marie Carmen through there too, great to see more of her stuff as well.
      I agree, it is a good thing that USk has room for all styles and variations, and there is always something new to learn from it all. :)
      Interesting about the Swedish tradition you mention, I never thought about any such thing – not in my own work, but not in others´work either. I guess that´s hard to see when/if you are in the middle of it, but I have to take a closer look at that.

  2. isa says:

    J’aime beaucoup ces dessins façon “carnet de voyage”. J’essaie très modestement de faire ça lorsque je pars à l’étranger, c’est vraiment sympa. Le plus dur souvent pour moi est de retranscrire l’atmosphère d’un lieu.

    • Oui, c´est souvent difficile, Isa, mais c´est très amusant á faire, n´est-ce pas? Et vous avez un grand tradition de carnets de voyage en France, je le sait. J´essaie de continuer l´idée “carnet de voyage” á Stockholm aussi, pourquoi se limiter pour l´étranger?
      Mauvaise grammaire, mais j´éspère que tu comprends… ;)

  3. Ale says:

    Wonderfull sunny sunday, pleasant meeting and lunch, brilliant afternoon, …
    - What more can we ask? – Share moments and tastes, and meet lovely people !
    Perhaps, we said there, drawings like these, don’t only contain lines and colours, but the essence of the moment and the “good vibrations”, do you?

  4. Lovely to see the different interpretations of the beach.

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