The street of Stuguskär


A bit more unfinished sketch of “our street” at Norrbyskär. I was playing around with the long shadows across the street, they are so beautiful in the evening.

Approx. 28 x 28 cm, pencil and watercolours on Langton watercolour paper.

12 Responses to “The street of Stuguskär”

  1. Nikira says:

    This blue shadows orchestrate the whole composition!

  2. Peggy says:

    Absolutely stunning!! What that blue does to this sketch is unbelievable!! Just takes your breath away. And I would not call it “unfinished!”

    • Thanks a lot, Peggy! Well, unfinished or not… I just know that there are things in it that I know I wanted to work some more on when I was painting it – a few shadows that I wanted deeper, the trees in the middle were not quite as I wanted them – but after a while the light changed so much, that I just decided to stop. Otherwise I would be making half of the sketch up. ;)

  3. Clare says:

    Really, beautiful! Love the colour of the shadows!

  4. lois says:

    The beautiful blue theme and limited palate makes your painting very soothing and harmonious. Looks like a beautiful summer day.

  5. This is one of those images that makes you take an involuntary deep breath when you see them, in a subconscious desire to arrest the moment and somehow jump the screen and go for a walk inside.
    It is absolutely beautiful, and brings to mind summer evenings from my childhood.

  6. Joan says:

    This is just serene and beautiful. I want to be there.

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