The way home in ink


The trip home from Manchester offered a few neat drawing opportunities. One just beside my fav store in London, Cornelissen´s (where I happened to spend just a few pounds on a fabulous travel brush). Then off to Gatwick, where I was a bit early for my flight, so I could relax with some people spotting with pen in hand.


And so, end of journey, putting my feet up on a foot stool after emptying my bags at home. Aaaah. You know the feeling.


Top drawing: 19 x 19 cm, middle: 18 x 9 cm, bottom: 18 x 11 cm, all drawn with fude nib fountain pen with De Atramentis document ink on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook paper.

2 Responses to “The way home in ink”

  1. isa says:

    Quel modèle as tu choisi pour ton pinceau de voyage Nina ? Moi j’envisage d’acheter celui là :
    Pinceau de voyage série 1503 Da Vinci n°6, sur les conseils de Teoh ( Parka ).
    Qu’en penses tu ?

    • J´ai acheté le même, mais n°12, le plus grand. J´ai déja abrasé un, et il a fallu beaucoup de temps pour ça, 7-8 ans. Alors je pense que c´est un pinceau de haute qualité.

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