Mechanic´s heaven


Right in the middle of everything in Stockholm, there is a magical place where true enthusiasts take care of beautiful old fire engines, keeping them alive and kicking.

Today I was invited (or maybe I sort of invited myself, I guess that´s a matter of definition) to this fantastic garage, and wow! I could draw in here for a month, without running out of subjects! It´s a place of ordered chaos, and wherever you turn, there is something interesting to take a closer look at.

A cool thing with drawing something like this, is that quite often, I don´t really know what it is that I´m drawing. All that… STUFF underneath the car, for instance. It´s one of those subjects where the brain can´t fool me, like it often tries to when I draw things I know well. Here I don´t have a clue, I just have to try to see shapes and lines, negative space and angles… A true adventure for the eye.

I only had time for this one drawing, so I hope I will get the chance to come back again soon to draw some more.

19 x 28 cm, Kizuna Deco pen (fude nib) with De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook page.

6 Responses to “Mechanic´s heaven”

  1. Limarea says:

    Jag ÄLSKAR dina fordons-sketcher!! :) /L

  2. isa says:

    c’est la caverne d’ali baba !
    il y a de quoi faire de beaux dessins là … même sans savoir vraiment ce que tu dessines ;)
    celui là est vraiment très bien.

  3. Michael says:

    Great sketch. Wonderful colours and good attention to detail (even as you say that you don’t know what the pieces represent). I was just wondering however, what ink you were using in the background lines? The effect of using black in the foreground and grey in the background is very interesting.
    Oh, and I’m glad to see you posting once again. Your work is great to follow.

    • Hi Michael, thanks! The background lines were drawn with an 0.3 grey Copic Multiliner SP. Need to get a new one soon, I´m about to wear this little pen out. Love it for backgrounds.
      And thanks for following! :)

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