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Drawing around Sagrada Família

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Drawing around Sagrada Família

In 2012, I spent a week sketching around the Sagrada Família. Had an amazing time drawing the inside and out of this fantastic building, along with the intense street life around it. The two and a half sketchbooks that I filled was then published in this Sketchguide from Zahorí in 2013.

Right now, the book is available from at a very reasonable price, so if you´re into Gaudí, the Sagrada Família, Barcelona or just enjoy plain sketching and drawing, this is the moment to get your copy!

Want to see more? This link will take you to Zahorís intro of the book, with a video and all. Also, more pages from the original sketchbooks below.

Sagrada Família sketchbooks

Sagrada Família sketchbooks.

Low contrast Värmland

Monday, February 20th, 2017


I went to Värmland (county in Western Sweden) with my dear M over New Year´s. For practical reasons (no water for the wataercolours) I had a go at a drawing with lower contrast than usual, while waiting for a swollen toe to get some tender love and care at a health center.

And then I liked the low contrast so much, so I did another the following day. Limping, of course, and feeling a little bit sorry for myself. ;)


Various sizes, drawn with PITT artist brush pens, and some UniPin fineliner in the bottom drawing, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook paper.

Ink car

Sunday, February 19th, 2017


I like drawing weird perspectives, to skew things a little, to make room for a wider angle on the paper. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car is great for this, and the fact that there aren´t many straight lines inside a car makes it a forgiving subject to try these things with.

I am grateful that I don´t have the tendency to get car sick.

19 x 18 cm, Kizuna Deco pen (fude nib) with black De Atramentis document ink, and blue Copic Multiliner SP, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook page.

Perspective at Stadsbiblioteket

Saturday, February 18th, 2017


Stockholms Stadsbibliotek (Stockholm Public Library) is an architecture classic, the kind that architects and students from all over the world have on their must-see list when they visit Stockholm. And it is indeed an interesting place, inside out.

My favorite is the symbolic way you enter the cylindrical space in the middle, by walking up a staircase with black stone walls to end up in this huge lightfilled room. You´re moving from darkness to light, from the underground to the heavens, or from ignorance to knowledge. Or maybe from emptiness to culture, or from cold to warmth – take your pick, I´m sure everyone can find their own meaning in this entrance. I love it.

It is also a really complicated perspective problem to draw this place. This image caused a really interesting discussion about perspective on Facebook, and I can´t wait to go back and give it another try, with all the new knowledge I got from the discussion. And next time, I´ll try to capture everything from floor to ceiling.

18 x 15 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook page.

Tehuset, Kungsträdgården

Thursday, February 16th, 2017


Another one drawn in the company of Stockholm Urban sketchers. November is usually cold, but this particular day was sunny and nice, so most of us stayed outdoors. Tehuset (the Tea House) in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

Approx. 19 x 18,5 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook page.


Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


In September, Stockholm Urban Sketchers headed to Nybroplan to draw Dramaten (The Royal Dramatic Theatre). Lovely weather, lovely place, and great coffee with the drawing crowd afterwards.

A4 size, UniPin fineliner and fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

Årsta torg

Monday, February 13th, 2017


Stockholm has it´s own local chapter of Urban Sketchers these days. We meet up every last Sunday of the month, to sketch and have a coffee or lunch together. In August we went drawing at Årsta torg, a little pearl from the fifties. You should join us!

This was drawn in my BIG companion, the A4 Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook. I don´t think I ever had a sketchbook this big before. At first I was a bit intimidated by the size, but it´s really just a matter of habit. These days I feel quite relaxed even when drawing across a spread in this huge fellow. Though it´s not very discrete, I think I can statistically prove that more people peek over my shoulder when I draw in this one, than in the tiny one from previous posts. ;)

A4 size, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

Tiny unfinished

Sunday, February 12th, 2017


I was at this doctor´s appointment in October, and since I was quite a bit early, I thought I´d try to draw the waiting room. I had an interesting point of view, and thought it might become a nice sketch with some perspective, people, chairs, signs… In the end, the guy before me didn´t turn up to his appointment, so I was called in early. Isn´t it typical? The one time you really have a good chance to finish a drawing in a place you rarely visit…

But in the end I really like this sketch, unfinished and all. It makes me smile.

17,8 x 14 cm, UniPin fineliner and grey PITT Artist brush pen, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

Tiny coffee

Saturday, February 11th, 2017


Wake up and smell the coffee! Cafés and coffee paraphernalia are always great subjects for sketches. And drawing is such a nice occupation for your hands and mind while drinking that coffee…


Both drawings: 17,8 x 14 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

More tiny drawings

Friday, February 10th, 2017


A good thing with a tiny sketchbook is of course it´s portability. I like drawing whatever is in front of me, to record all those everyday things in life, and wanted to capture this place, where I sometimes change buses to and from work. I´m never there long enough to finish a drawing, but it was easy to just keep working on the same sketch during several days with this little sketchbook. Also, weather matters less! A few drops of rain doesn´t do much harm, because the sketchbook is almost covered by my drawing hand, held closely to my body while drawing.


And as always, you are never bored with a sketchbook in hand. I was host at an exhibition in October, and while it´s fun to talk to visitors and take care of things around the exhibition, there are always those moments of silence and complete calm between visitors, where I tend to get a bit restless. I kept myself busy drawing.


All drawings: 17,8 x 14 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink or UniPin fineliner, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

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