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My week starts tomorrow!

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


Well, my weeks start every Monday. But this coming week is special, since it´s my week in the Sketchbook skool kourse “Exploring”. Looking forward to it a lot, excited about what the participants will make of my homework assignment for the week. :) Find out more at if you are curious!

Meanwhile, I´ve been following Danny Gregory´s week, with his awesome way of talking about creativity and what to do about your inner critic, and I tried out his take on crosshatching. Or my take on his take, I guess. I find that no matter how much I try to draw the way that someone else does, it still has my hand in it. I can never get away from my own style of handling a pen, and I kind of like that. We all seem to have our personal way of drawing, and there is no way to avoid it. We can learn, evolve, develop skills and get better at it, but we can´t quite do exactly what someone else does.  That is all good.

Join me in Sketchbook Skool kourse “Exploring”

Friday, April 14th, 2017



I´m one of the teachers in Exploring, an upcoming Sketchbook Skool klass. Yes, that´s ´klass´ with a k, because Sketchbook Skool is no ordinary online art skool. Sketchbook Skool´s mission is “art for all”, they believe everyone is, and can be, creative. All people need are teachers to show them how fun it can be to develop a creative habit. Hopefully, that´s where I can do some good!

Starting April 17 – on this coming Monday! – Sketchbook Skool´s new Exploring klass will begin online. For each of the five weeks of the kourse, you´ll get a new teacher (including me!) showing you how to take your creativity to the next level. You´ll also join the Sketchbook Skool community of creative people just like us from all over the world. There are fun, informative lessons, great assignments, and places to post your creations.

There is still time to sign up for this kourse, but you don´t want to miss a single moment. The course will only be offered once – starting Monday, April 17 – and you can´t sign up for it once it has begun. On the other hand, when you have signed up, you will have constant access to the kourse afterwards.

To check out “Exploring”, and meet the teachers, click here.

Hope to see you in klass! :)

Filming for Sketchbook Skool

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Gabrielle, me and Peter, filming in Juniparken in Midsommarkransen. Photo: Koosje Koene

I have spent the past two days in a role I am not quite used to – in front of two film cameras and a boom mike.

I have been working with an incredibly professional and inspirational group of people, filming material for Sketchbook Skool. It has been two days of constant concentration, big time learning, and lots of fun. Now I´m looking forward to joining the fakulty of SBS, and to meeting new students and creatives online!


Koosje and yours truly, outside Tellusbion in Kransen. Photo: Koosje Koene

Koosje Koene from Sketchbook Skool has been guiding me through the experience, and she was absolutely fabulous at keeping everything on track. I have seldom worked with someone so completely focused on the task at hand, while still leaving so much room for laughter, great conversations and afterthought. Thanks a lot, Koosje, it´s been a great two days!


Would also like to thank the film crew, Peter Östlund and Gabrielle Wikhede for their expertise and complete calm in this project. It´s been fabulous to work with you guys!

Also, big thanks to the good people at Tellusbion, who kindly let us use their café for indoors scenes.

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