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Pure drawing inspiration:

Urban Sketchers
Gabi Campanario started it, and now people all around the world are joining in!

Barron Storey
A master. It´s as simple as that.

Drawing and animation goodies from all over the world.

Danny Gregory
The man who took drawing in sketchbooks to another level.

Doodlers anonymous
For all us doodling addicts.

David Shrigley
Hilarious, especially the drawings.

The tools artists use
About the tools that artists use. As simple as that.


Artist´s sketchbooks online
A warning: So many inspiring links that you will never leave this page if you go there…

Eduardo Bertone
Mainly illustrations, but very inspiring for my books anyway.

Painting eldorados:

Rodney White
Lots of wisdom, rust and lettering. Beautiful enough to make you cry.

John Lovett
Australian watercolourist, with lots of great galleries and tutorials.

Blaine Fontana
Very cool, unique style, very decorative, lots of patterns, and lots of meaning.

Architectural paintings. Or are they just abstract? No, there´s definitely a room in there. Or… perhaps a hallway? Or… abstract?

Alex Kanevsky
Some sort of fragmented reality, very fascinating.

Flora S. Bowley
Strong colours, patterns, composition – I don´t think I´ll ever get enough of these.


Another page where you will probably get stuck for a while. Check under Illustrators and find endless inspiration.

Jacqui Oakley

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